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Danish math-stadium rock group Isbjörg has released their new single ‘Afterglow’ on April 28th 2023


Afterglow is Isbjörg’s second release from their upcoming second full-length album which is expected to be released in early 2024.

Along with the latest release ‘Ornament’, ‘Afterglow’ marks a new era for the band who, since the release of their debut album ‘Iridescent’ in 2019, have welcomed Jonathan Kjærulff Larsen as their new front figure.

‘Afterglow’ is a grand, energetic and modern rock ballad that engulfs the listener in a melancholic soundscape driven by lead singer Jonathan Kjærulff Jensen’s powerful voice and balanced by Isbjörgs characteristic piano-centered rock sound. Lyrically, the song is centered around two people's loss of control, whose carelessness and unusual actions result in a negative spiral of which they can’t escape. 

‘Afterglow’ is available on all major streaming services now

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On ‘Iridescent’ Isbjörg challenges the conventions and cement themselves as a band who strives to give something different to the world of progressive rock. Odd time signatures and polyrhythms combined with catchy hooks and lush melodies capture the listener in an intense and unpredictable soundscape.

The title ‘Iridescent’ as well as the artwork (Original painting by Freia Maria Faber) for the album encapsulates the colorful and lush vibe of Isbjörg’s sound. The music has many facets but they are all united by the energetic performances and the continuous fusion of the distorted guitars and the classic piano. The lyrical themes of the album also range widely, but with an overall melancholic yet hopeful feel to them.

As with Isbjörg’s previous work ‘Iridescent’ was written, recorded, mixed, mastered and published by the band themselves. ‘Iridescent’ is excactly the album Isbjörg wanted to make and captures the creative energy and playful rebelliousness that makes Isbjörg who they are.”

'Iridescent' was released on April 26th 2019. Isbjörg are now working on the follow-up. First single 'Ornament' out on January 27th 2023.

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“The production is superb. The team of Isbjörg was flying, making everything themselves and the result is excellent. The singer is blessed with an exceptional voice, the guys master their art and they give enough originality to their music so we want to return.” (9,1/10 rating)

As 'Iridescent' is Isbjörg’s full length debut, I feel that a masterpiece by Isbjörg may only be two or three more releases away.” - (8.5/10 rating)

Isbjörg set out to prove that they deserve to be recognised as a unique and invigorating addition to the world of progressive rock when they released their debut album and it is clear that they have achieved their goal. Iridescent is an absolute pleasure to listen to.” - Rifftastic (9/10 rating)



Isbjörg is a Danish math-stadium rock band.


The Danish 6-piece takes full control over their sound. They write, record, produce and engineer their music themselves, giving them the opportunity to seamlessly transition between these different stages of the process, shaping their own and thoroughly unique sound. The aim of the band has always been to surprise and break musical boundaries without compromising the songwriting.


Odd time signatures and polyrhythms combined with catchy hooks and lush melodies capture the listener in an intense and captivating soundscape. 

With two EP's and two single releases behind them, Isbjörg have evolved and matured their piano-heavy sound throughout the years which culminated in 2019 with the release of their debut album 'Iridescent'.

'Iridescent' was very well received by both fans and the press. Since the release Isbjörg have been touring Denmark and are currently writing their follow-up album which is expected to drop in 2023.

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