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Isbjörg is a math-stadium rock band based in Aarhus, Denmark.

The aim of the band has always been to break musical boundaries without compromising the songwriting. 

Odd time signatures and polyrhythms combined with catchy hooks and lush melodies capture the listener in an intense and captivating soundscape. 

The 6-piece takes full control over their sound as they write, record, produce and engineer their music themselves, allowing them to shape their own and thoroughly unique sound. 

Following the release of two EP's and singles, Isbjörg released their debut album ‘Iridescent’ in 2019. The album was very acclaimed by both fans and critics for its epic, piano-centered sound and the captivating songwriting.


After the release of ‘Iridescent’ Isbjörg have been touring around Denmark and played everything from small clubs to big festivals such as SmukFest in 2019. The last couple of years Isbjörg have worked intensively on writing their follow-up album. After the departure of singer Niklas Jespersen in early 2022, Isbjörg welcomed Jonathan Kjærulff Skovlund (Lara Luna) as their new lead singer and are now standing stronger and more focused than ever with four singles released in 2023 already. The latest being ‘Inure’ which was released on October 26th. 

örg are currently finishing up the recordings of their 2nd album, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2024.


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“The production is superb. The team of Isbjörg was flying, making everything themselves and the result is excellent. The singer is blessed with an exceptional voice, the guys master their art and they give enough originality to their music so we want to return.” - (9,1/10 rating)

"As 'Iridescent' is Isbjörg’s full length debut, I feel that a masterpiece by Isbjörg may only be two or three more releases away.” - (8.5/10 rating)

"Isbjörg set out to prove that they deserve to be recognised as a unique and invigorating addition to the world of progressive rock when they released their debut album and it is clear that they have achieved their goal. Iridescent is an absolute pleasure to listen to.” - Rifftastic (9/10 rating)

"In their process, they have managed to come out with nine songs that showcase some solid musicianship and a blooming knack for combining earworm melodies with the rhythm changes and general madness that otherwise characterize the genre." - RockFreaks (7,5/10 rating)

“"So it begins before my eyes…” is the first line of lyrics on "Supine", and so it truly does. A tour de force in modern prog with catchy, poppy vocal lines and interesting roles in both the piano and the dry guitars, delivered sharply and aggressively. - Rockzeit (4/5 rating)

"Isbjörg conjure up a very nice debut album with "Iridescent", which should not only appeal to proven prog fans. The piano sound adds a special touch to the imaginative songwriting of the Danes, who also impress with the fact that they produced the album completely on their own and achieved a high-quality sound." - Hellfire-Magazine (8,5/10 rating)

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